SWUD: First Team Briefing for Political Observers

Concentrated work on the observer protocol in Halle

25 members of the project team - mainly scientific staff, as well as master studens and graduates of political science in Halle a.d. Saale - met on 23 September 2016 for a one-day event to get acquainted with the content of the research project and to plan field research together. A second team briefing for another 15 members is planned for mid-October. The scientific observers are to be conduct their study between October of this year to June of next year at more than 100 political party events throughout the Federal Republic.

Comprehensive overview of research project and a lively exchange

The concept of the research project was first presented. Important terms as well as actors were defined on the basis of a research model. After that, the methods of participating during the observation and exploratory survey at the selected assembly meetings took center stage. The observation sheets which had already been successfully tested, were discussed together and remaining questions were answered. The main focus was on practical challenges in scientific observation. Through the lively exchange of gained experiences among the team members and by weighing pros and cons of certain approaches, many additional ideas and suggestions for the survey were collected.

Anticipation of the beginning of the data collection phase in October

Overall the team briefing was very successful. Also the personal exchange during the coffee breaks and the joint visit of the canteen provided opportunity for discussion. All participants are optimistic that this would be a successful and interesting research collaboration. Thus, nothing stands in the way of starting the data collection phase of the research project in October.



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