The new Portal for Political Science is now online!

The new Portal for Political Science is now online. It deals with the begin of the Islamic radicalization in the Western world, with the global task of climate protection, as well as with the crises of the European Union. Various essays and analyzes provide an overview of the discussion on these topics and are supplemented by selected reviews.

Developing and providing the Portal for Political Science (pw-portal) has hitherto been one of the main tasks of the foundation. With new conception of the foundation’s work, the pw-portal has also undergone change. In 2016, the Annotated Bibliography and the Review Portal were merged into a forum for practical research results. In the future, selected topics will be developed by our experienced team of editors – in close cooperation with political science experts – to provide an overview of the research results that would otherwise go unread in the newsletter section of your mailbox. We are keen to expand the circle of experts who work on the pw-portal on a voluntary basis. Contact us if you feel like contributing to this important project.

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