The Foundation Science and Democracy was founded in 1992 by Professor Dr. Eberhard Schütt-Wetschky with the aim of promoting practical political science.

Professor Dr. Schütt-Wetschky earned great merit in parliamentary research and the theory of democracy. He taught at the Helmut Schmidt University of the German Armed Forces in Hamburg and from 2002, at the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel. With his foundation, Professor Dr. Schütt-Wetschky initiated and promoted the publication of the “Yearbook Politics” (Jahrbuch Politik) (later the journal for political science) as well as the “pw portal”. His aim was to contribute to a party-independent discipline, which had a plurality of political views. Throughout his academic career, he consistently adhered to a problem-oriented approach of scientific research.

Prof. Krause and the artist Jens Rusch unveil the portrait of the donor.