The Portal for Political Science (pw-portal) serves as an orientation guide for practically relevant research results in selected areas of the subject matter. The focus is on foreign and security policy as well as parliamentarism in regards to questions arising from structural, organizational, and functional problems of political institutions, of certain political fields, or of political philosophy. In addition to books, more and more online publications, journal essays, and research reports with practical and up-to-date political significance are analyzed and presented. Our editors work together with a network of political science experts. The pw-portal has developed from the Annotated Bibliography of Political Science as part of the Journal for Political Science (ZPol) to an online medium with short reviews and, finally, to a forum for political science research results. The intention of the founder Prof. Dr. Schütt-Wetschky in the 1990s was to facilitate an overview of the already diverse and extensive publication landscape of political science.